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The Most Comprehensive Business Continuity Solution and Disaster Recovery on the Market

When business interruptions occur, nothing is more important than restoring operations and enabling critical staff to return to work. Time is of the essence. That is when ReadyComplete, a proven and flexible strategy, is the only option. 

Ask yourself the Following Questions: 

  • HOW will you immediately serve your customers if your office space suffers an interruption?
  • WHO will be available to recover operations and employees close to your existing locations?
  • WHERE can you provide guaranteed short-term and long-term office space recovery options?

Defy Downtime

Learn how Agility’s Business Continuity Solution and Disaster Recovery service "ReadyComplete" can help your business just like it helped hundreds of businesses during Hurricane Sandy.

  • Over 25 industries from real estate and manufacturing to healthcare and education
  • Over 4,000 recovery calls managed by Agility Recovery
  • Over 20,000 miles traveled delivering generators and technology

ReadyComplete Overview +
Our Hurricane Sandy Whitepaper

Get more detail around ReadyComplete and also see how we were able to support 100s of businesses just like yours during this disaster. Is your business prepared for the unexpected?

Within hours we will restore operations and ensure critical functions are back up and running.

ReadyComplete Overview 

The Agility ReadyComplete Solution provides the optimal triple combination of the Agility ReadyOffice Solution, the Agility ReadySuite Solution and Agility Testing Services for a comprehensive, flexible strategy supporting an immediate occupancy option and a longer term business continuity solution.

The ReadyComplete Solution Features:

  • Guaranteed seats and immediate occupancy
  • Flexible a la carte access to only the resources you need
  • Testable, verifiable solution for your business continuity plan
  • Access to Agility’s proven track record

Core Services



Flexible solutions to provide temporary workspace for your organization, including fully furnished mobile recovery units deployable anywhere in North America, 3,200+ existing Class A office locations across the globe and readily available commercial and retail space through our real estate partners.



Generators to power your existing locations or temporary facilities, ranging from 20kW to 2 Meg and including reliable fuel service and regular maintenance, deployable anywhere throughout North America.



Express delivery of computers, servers, routers and fax/copy/print equipment to ensure access to your data, applications and systems in any recovery scenario.



Satellite and/or LTE connectivity to ensure telephone and Internet access, available anywhere throughout North America, while call redirection services ensure your customers never lose contact.



Agility believes there is no more important process than testing because it could mean the difference between recovery in days versus weeks.

Our testing staff conducts hundreds of tests per year, and will work with your team to perform individualized annual exercises including full mobilization tests to incorporate elements of the ReadyComplete solution into your strategy.



myAgility is the comprehensive, online planning platform which includes:

  • Templated Recover Planning Elements
  • Alert Notification System
  • Document Management Tool
  • Asset Management Tool

myAgility also includes a mobile app, ensuring all the critical details needed to recover your organization are constantly at your fingertips.