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Disaster has no schedule. Nothing tests an insurance agent’s ability to meet a client’s needs like an unforeseen disaster, occurring without warning and creating unpredictable damage. It is for this reason that the Big “I” has endorsed us as the top provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in the marketplace.

Our packaged recovery options provide access to critical assets following business interruptions large and small, including diesel generators and fuel, satellite and LTE communications equipment, mobile and immediate occupancy office space options, and computer technology to replace damaged equipment. Our mission is to ensure your firm can continue critical operations regardless of the interruption. From severe storms, floods, and power outages to small-scale isolated events such as plumbing fitting break or IT and connectivity failures, we are the trusted provider of operational resiliency.

We never profit from a customer’s disaster.

Our track record of recovering our customers over 1,000 times since 1989 is unsurpassed in the industry and is a key factor in the decision by IIABA to partner with us.

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